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- PHP 5.3 compatibility fixes
- Improved security level of captcha handling
- Removed error reporting overriding in search.php
- Fixed typo in example of DB fields definitions
- Fixed German translation typos and misspellings across language files
- Fixed EXIF exposure time issue
- Fixed use of double quoted string in configuration file (
- Fixed an issue when max height has no affect on image resize (
- Fixed showing username containing curly braces in who is online box
- Fixed editing of templates into subdirectories from ACP (
- Fixed an issue when .zip files can be corrupt on download (
- Fixed an issue when some templating feature can not work properly if server auto prepends content prior output
- Fixed an issue when due missing MIME type thumbnail upload may fail (
- Fixed an issue when trying to edit media/* templates (
- Implemeted population of alt and title attributes for thumbnail images with image name
- Extended number of possible template variables for media/* templates (
- Implemented comma separated keywords and plugin for migration from white-space separated keywords
- Enchanced "Check new images" feature in ACP with V@no's mod (
- Added plugin "Check files" (
- Fixed a visual glitch when adding multiple users from ACP

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