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- New caching system (Read docs/Cache.english.txt for further informations)
- Changed session handling to PHP native sessions
- The database table 4images_sessionvars is not longer in use. Its still referenced
in the database dump, admin/backup.php and includes/contants.php for backward compatibility
with integrations (phpBB, vBulletin)
- Random category image is now disabled by default (define('SHOW_RANDOM_CAT_IMAGE', 0);)
- PHP5 compatibility
- Improved GD2 detection
- Improvements on functions in includes/functions.php (i.e. replaced preg_match() with faster str*() functions)
- Replaced preg_match() with faster strpos() in class method Session::url() (includes/sessions.php)
- Change input type to "password" for admin password in installation screen
- Moved registration of {lang_user_online} and {lang_user_online_detail} from includes/page_header.php to includes/sessions.php
- Added display of the category ID in the overview in Control Panel
- Splitted query for $cat_cache due to performance reasons (global.php)
- SMTP patch for includes/email.php. Thanks to blueshift (
- Bugfix: Deleting of not activated users (
- Bugfix: Database backup failing (
- Bugfix: Back btn fails in Admin CP Edit Users/Images (
- Bugfix: Subcategories columns dont show proportionaly? (
- Bugfix: ACP - cant find images uploaded by not exist users (
- Bugfix: Additional fields not being autofilled in "edit image" (
- Bugfix: Cant display \\# (i.e \\2 or \\4 or \\9) (
- Bugfix: Changed tag {remote_file} to {remote_media_file} in templates/default/member_uploadform.html
- Bugfix: Cant upload images when not cat_id specifyed (
- Bugfix: details.php with mode=lightbox next/prev maybe wrong (
- Bugfix: Error msg when update/delete user with ' in his name (
- Bugfix: Image dl counter doesnt update when dl from lightbox (
- Bugfix: Quotes in category names (

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