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Auto-Login works now for the Control Panel (Set ADMIN_SAFE_LOGIN to 1 in constants.php will undo this)
Stylesheet for Clickstream
Select user when adding/deleting images
Reset Stats for particular categories
System Buttons can now depend on selected language (create a new folder "templates//images_" and place the images in it)
you can also use the tag {template_lang_image_url} in the templates which will point to the this language directory

Fixed not deleting image files from the server during valdiation of images
Prev/Next image on details page now depends on where the user is coming from (category, lightbox, search)
Resizing images proportional OR with fixed width/height
3 options for account activation: none, by email, by admin
Sends now also a welcome-email if account activation is set to "none" (See new "Email templates)
Charset and direction per language
Users can now edit their own images and comments (Each function can be disabled in the settings)
Delete more than one image/user/comment at a time. See Installation.txt for detailed update instructions.

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